Marcell Zheng


This is my friend’s cat, Marcel. He is cool. He is a cat of leisure. But underneath his calm appearance, his mind is restless and his heart very timid. We were asked to give him a pill every morning to keep him pulling himself together, to keep the good energy flowing in his system. He still likes to talk to us. His cries are childlike whining sometimes. His pleading meow in the morning wakes me up, but does not annoy me. He talks while walking away, like he is being serious about something and doesn’t give a damn eventually. He IS a person, just talks in a different language. He displays his cute rolling gesture, and stops, stares at me, to see if I am looking. It is not easy to amuse him. He ignores the toys, loud TV, sometimes even food. Gentle strokes on his back is what makes him most happy, when he feels being loved and paid attention to. But it’s all up to him. We are just getting by. He is living his life.


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