Autumn Carving

DSC_2277~2~2 IMG_20141026_114001 IMG_20141026_092826


We are fascinated by the bright colors of leaves at this time of the year. Walking around the neighborhood where different kinds of trees and bushes compete with each other in how exuberant they can be, we are just so busy in taking in beautiful scenes in front of our eyes, surrounding us. They shine against sunlight. They are all different from each other. Each one can carry a million changes in colors. Some lay on the ground, getting old and dry, yet before the end of season, they fire up without any reservation.

Carving leaves is not very easy. When they are dry, they become very crispy and easy to be torn along the veins. It requires one to be super careful, and one tear will ruin all the efforts put in earlier. This is why my products over this weekend are all crude and flawed. I don’t think I will continue to pursuit the perfection of carving leaves, but nature does provide endless supplies for this genre of art for free. Woohoo.


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