When Classmates Are Young

Two years ago, my art school Corcoran was facing the fate of being sold. This summer, the building is still there, but the Corcoran is no more. We have witnessed the disappearing of a great art school and a beautiful gallery over the past years. I could not ever imagined this when I first stepped in its door on New York Ave, just across street from the White House area. I have never been in a school that is so full of free spirits, creativity, kindness, and fun. It freed my soul, equipped me with art skills and many more. The white Beaux-arts building was my home, my office, my work space, for more than three years. It doesn’t belong to us any more. Sadly, it was put into the pocket of another university, which is more like a real estate corporate, and fit perfectly into its ever-expanding plan. We have all graduated, a year ago, dispersed like dandelion’s little fuzzy seeds, into every corner of the world. And the plant where we have grown upon died permanently.




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