Living at Great Falls

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We lived at Great Falls from August till May. We were lucky to see the beauty of it closely, the forest in surrounding areas, the parks, the falls, and giant mansions. At night, there are many more stars than those of the city. It was super quiet but at the same time loud with frogged, birds…Almost every morning, we were greeted by small group of deer.  Foxes, raccoons, woodpeckers, vouchers are frequent but mysterious visitors.

Sometimes we took motorcycle to go house-seeing in the neighborhoods. We went up and down hills, over the creeks, under the plum blossoms. One time, we entered a private land where there was a lake at the end of the road. A house lay under a big tree over the other side of the lake. It was the most idllic scene I have ever seen in the States. Sometimes, I was able to take a walk in the woods before work in the morning. I listened to the sound of branches touching each other.  One time, we ventured into the Great Falls park after dark. We hid behind a big tree, when the police took their last patrol in the park. Then we climbed up the rocks, there, we took some long exposure photos of the raging water. Another time, when we hopped on the motorcycle, driving to work, the fog had not dispersed, it coated the grassland, cottages, fence, horses, trees, and turned everywhere into oil paintings. When the sun finally shined through this fog, it created several golden rays through the woods. Against the sun, you could see steam moving in the rays that casted onto a small treehouse in the valley near the creek. Every season at the Great Falls area is a beautiful picture.

Unfortunately, beautiful days didn’t last long. The ugly and harsh reality brought us back from the dream-like ideals. We left in a rush, and now are back to the city. Now, I am enjoying the convenience and activities in the city. But when planes fly over our buildings, when loud ambulance pass through streets outside my windows, traffic line up just outside the complex, I miss those countryside days. It was a good break from the city.







再下一次雪:新来的 不懂的 成熟了 还是衰老了 累了 刚起呢 路上的 听歌的;一时好一时坏,梦里说了什么 做了什么;遥远的 要怎样的努力;有时简单 有时为什么那么难呢

2014年2月 嘿,是我,有时是雨,有时是雪,落在冰冻的土地,滋润缠绕的树枝,和来年的春季,夜,看几颗星星,看你 冷静 漫长,熬着 等待,存在的意义 浮现的下一次…

2014年6月:A perfect day for Mid-Atlantic. A good day for fishing, golfing, gardening, biking, canning, walking, outing. A good day for convertibles. Hawk is flying, deer hanging out in the shade, flowers are exploding.


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