Happy Days Are Here Again


I have left my blogs unattended for too long. Many things have changed since my last entry. In 2012 Super bowl day, this blog lost its original meaning of existence. Z and I went on our separate ways. Now, happy days are back to our separate lives after a period of struggle. I decide to reclaim this blog, as a collection of my journals, a record, a sharing tool, and a way to organize my fragmented life, thoughts and memories.

A new life began in many ways after the separation. Pain, when only existing in memories, is superficial without its context and circumstances. It is no longer connected to the heart and brain. I have learned a million things ever since, mostly how to conquer, change, accommodate things that would bring enormous resistance from inside. These learnings are so real. Everything helped me grow, and they left imprint on me, became part of me, as I continue my journey in a world that always seems strange and new to me.


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