We Have Come Here For a Visit #2,3,4

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This series of paintings is a continuation of my exploration of combining collage and paint, abstraction and representational imageries, and my experiment in creating layers and textures. Like my previous paintings, these paintings consist of imaginary spaces where narrative happens among living bodies full of emotions. My inspiration comes from different visions appear in my head in response to what is happening around me in my life. I keep records of these visions, and they become the narrative in my paintings.

These three paintings tell stories of my own presence in relation with the world and other people. They also convey aspects of human conditions in general, such as piled up information, buried past, discarded memories, concealed self, and state of wondering, waiting, reflecting, hoping, changing, connecting and disconnecting. Throughout the working process, I made all the stylistic choices spontaneously. I tried to respond to what the paintings were saying to me as they were evolving. What appeals to me is simplicity and quietness with considered details and underlying disturbance.

Max Ernst and Hieronymus Bosch are the two artists who are brought up most often when people see these paintings. My works has a surreal quality because they usually derive from imaginings. However, what I am more interested in is to study how to creatively use collage, abstraction, and other techniques to depict the world in front of me and externalize the world inside me.


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