Three Panels

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“When did the rain stop? When did we see the light? When did we cross the border?”

In my mind, there live some abstracted beings. They are strange and sentimental creatures with human features. They interact with each other, form relations. Sometimes, they immerse themselves in moody and emotional atmosphere. Sometimes, they touch, sometimes, they tangle. They carry with them the information of their own histories, their ways of living and thinking, their characters and perceptions. Layers of experiences and memories of the past sink through their skin and are hidden in their bodies.

My paintings are visualization of the above described imaginings. At the same time, I combined shapes and atmospheres from photos I captured walking around in my neighborhood one night. I chose collage and oil paint as my media to create a soft feeling. Together they create a sense of physically and mentally existing, of being visible and invisible, and of layers of fragmentations.


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