Two weeks

Two weeks ago tonight, I was washing the dishes in the kitchen when I noticed and asked Dandan about the small box on the lower left hand corner of the TV. It has been an unimaginably long two weeks since then.

I called my brother to tell him my projection that Obama was about to tell the nation that we had found/killed bin Laden, and he told me that he was on his way to visit my grandparents since as my mom told me on the phone in the grocery store the day before, she had been in and out of the hospital the last week or so.

After efforts to stay independent while taking care of my grandfather with serious heart problems and her own cancer, heart, memory, and depression problems, my grandmother’s condition deteriorated the previous two weeks. Luckily after not speaking with her for a month or more, I had called twice in the two weeks before. It was very nice to talk to her as usual but you could tell she either had a cold or was weak or both.

It turned out she deteriorated faster than anyone could imagine, and I was making plans to go up there Monday night, my mom first said that my grandmother was in intensive care, then said she had pneumonia, then said they had found that she had liver and colon cancer in addition to the lymphoma that she had been getting treatment and catscans from the best doctors in the world for the last four years or so. As my brother was arriving in Connecticut and I was trying to deal with the poor cell phone reception in my English basement apartment and my brother using his “More Bars in More Places ” AT&T pay as you go cell phone on the train from NY and not so urban Connecticut while speaking with both he and my mother, my mom told me that my grandma had passed away. I am so sad about this because my grandma was so nice and it just doesn’t seem like she was supposed to go. It is also a different feeling because you have someone you do not see and spend a lot of time with on a daily or even weekly or monthly basis. You also have someone who . And you have someone who did not have a good quality of life recently, but had a great, long life. Finally, you yourself are in a somewhat different position a before in that you have a life that you are pretty involved in and requires a lot of your time and attention. But you feel like you have to and want to spend time thinking about it, but also need to think about and deal with your work, and there wont be a lot of time that you can devote to it.

I went up to Connecticut and was met my brother. I just wanted to see my grandpa and he just said gram left and all that is left is memories, which there are a lot of good ones.

I didnt cry for the first time until my mom got there that night, and did the same thing as me, walked straight into the living room where my grandpa was on his couch, and gave my grandpa a big hug who said to my mom “We lost our mom.” I really miss my grandma.

We went to the funeral home and my grandpa was finally clear and excited about my grandma being buried in a veteran’s cemetery with full military honors as she deserved. The unfortunate part was that they could not do it until Monday because people have to wiat until the spring to bury their loved ones so there is a bottle neck/buildup. I was supposed to be in San Francisco on Thursday and Friday with my CEO for the US-China Energy Efficiency Forum and then host our Chinese partners back in DC the next week for our EcoPartnership events. This schedule somewhat made my participation in both of those events into question. My brother said that maybe I could join the trip to San Francisco and then come back over the weekend for the funeral, leave right after andget back to DC for that night so I could be there for the important EcoPartnership events.

So I went back to DC


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