I like the small ones

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“Pushing the boundaries between the most sophisticated formalism and outsider art’s instinctive logic, Chris Martin makes abstract painting look enviably effortless. His large scale canvases reflect a zany approach to experimentation and a methodological mode of play, conceiving painting as something intrinsically haptic that resolves from an intimately hands-on negotiation of materials. Martin’s works are renowned for their extremely physical surfaces which are created by collaging found items onto the canvas. In Untitled, the painting’s texture is made from paper towels, newspaper, and acrylic gel – a thick paint-like substance resembling liquid plastic. Over-painting these with a bold graphic motif of a constellation network, Martin references the connective processes of making, placing his topsy-turvy rationale as a field of wonder and contemplation.”

Chris Martin’s show-Painting Big just opened at Corcoran. Three 26-feet tall monumental paintings, standing in the Corcoran museum’s atrium, definitely made the highlight of the show. But I like the small works of his better, which are displayed in another area of the gallery.  Those works have similar patterns and bright colors. But there is something different about each of them. He used bread, banana peel and other random objects; he changed the shape of the canvas; he painted on cloth and card boards. It seems that he is so carefree about  the materials,  surfaces, and medium, or painting in general. But he made his point. And his works are fun and beautiful.


今夏,学校的画廊邀请了上述这位华盛顿本土画家展出他的作品。展览的主题就叫“Painting Big”(往大里画)。他的作品确实很大,大得惊人。前几日,Steve的工作组支起这三幅有三层楼那么高的画的时候,我正巧在现场目睹了这一过程,心想,画这么大画的人不出名才怪,以后的人要想更出名的人,还得往更大里画。除此之外,一同展出的确实还有他的一些小的作品。相比那三幅傻大的画,我倒是很喜欢他的小作品,这些作品充满趣味、充满色彩、充满生活,富有想象力。他用材不拘一格,有香蕉皮,面包;他改变了画板的形状,用不同材料作为画板,他用的颜料很多都是喷漆、丙烯这些毫不昂贵、只有街头涂鸦的人会使用,但色彩亮丽的颜料。好像他并不在意这些细节,没有精致的画板,没有小心翼翼的雕琢,(他的画上经常有甩点儿、脚印、手印等),他的作品打动人之处而在于色彩、形状,简单明了,但又那么出乎意料、激发想象。


                                                 Chris Martin’s Gigantic Painting at Corcoran


4 thoughts on “I like the small ones

  1. 这么大的画得用多少颜料呀,不展览的时候怎么存呀。不过倒是能防盗贼,搬不走啊!

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