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  • Painting sucks you in. It’s frustrating, it’s painful, it’s disturbing.
  • I know exactly what I want in this painting. I want a self-portrait, a peek into my psyche. I want happiness and sadness. I want a split personality, some evilness, some nonsense, some randomness, all that could be there to show a dissonance, which could be a human condition sometimes, for all of us.
  • This really scared me. I almost pushed myself to a situation, where I want too much and I don’t know how to realize my goals. I dream a painting that has so much freedom, so wild, like a flower, just blooming so naturally, and so confidently. All I want is this, and I don’t know the way to get there.
  • 我 必须画一幅自画像。梦境中有一幅抽象画,貌似有两个人的形象,还有个小鬼。正好能表现本人的双重性格和邪恶恐怖又狞笑的一面(也许每个人都有这一时刻)。 最终还是决定(虽然画还在进行中)把我的形象加入其中,决定制造一些不和谐(dissonance)。虽然知道画一幅不和谐的画一样很难。
  • 第一次用调色刀,别扭了几分钟之后,居然变得越来越轻巧。很喜欢刀在帆布上留下的浓厚的笔触,又把颜色刮开露出布的纹路。
  • 老师保证要监督我一定把不和谐进行到底。让一副不和谐的画make sense有一定难度.

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